Demeter Ghana launches Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) Cocoa Fertilizer

Demeter Ghana launches Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) Cocoa Fertilizer


Demeter Ghana Ltd has launched the all-new Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) cocoa fertilizer to boost cocoa production in Ghana as part of Demeter’s mission to help farmers grow more with less. The launch took place on Thursday at the Lancaster Hotel in Kumasi and is the latest development from Demeter Ghana to increase yields for farmers in Ghana.

Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) is a multi-nutrient sulphate cocoa fertiliser which Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) trials have shown provides an over 70% increase in cocoa yields. Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) contains 48% SO3 as sulphate, 14% K2O as sulphate of potash, 6% MgO as magnesium sulphate and 17% CaO as calcium sulphate.

Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) is globally approved for organic agriculture by multiple bodies including ECOCERT. Compared with a wide range of equivalent fertilizers, it has the lowest carbon footprint at 0.034 kg CO2e/kg – less than 3% of Urea. Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) is suitable for all kinds of soils, is entirely natural and has a prolonged nutrient release rate with a low salinity index, making it ideal for cocoa production.

Benjamin Adevu, Head of Agronomy at Demeter Ghana, explained further in his address that Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) fertilizer provides both macro- and micronutrients needed for good cocoa yields. He explained the fertilizer can take as long as fifty days to release nutrients which makes it excellent for cocoa trees to produce higher yields.

Mr. Samuel Ankamah, the Deputy Director in Charge of Agronomy at the Cocoa Health and Extension Division (CHED) and Chairman of the event encouraged the Farmers to accept the Polysulphate fertilizer locally called Asaase Hene. He stated it is organic and has been tested and approved by the Ghana Cocoa Board. He lauded Demeter Ghana for introducing this fertilizer which offers great benefits to cocoa famers.

Dr. A. Arthur, Senior Research Scientist at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana (CRIG) during the launch affirmed the approval of Polysulphate by the institute. He said “CRIG trials showed increased cocoa yields using Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) versus NPK fertilizers during the trials. Our test results have shown Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) organic fertilizer is effective for increased and healthy cocoa yields.”

Farmers who had used both fertilizers by Demeter Ghana testified how good the fertilizers are. Mr. Bioh Daniel Bossman, General Manager of Ewurade Naye Bioh Farm Ltd testified how his usage of the fertilizers on his cocoa farm has increased his cocoa yields. With much delight he said, “I used to harvest 10 bags of cocoa but since I started using Omya Capciprill and Polysulphate fertilizers I now harvest 30 bags of cocoa per acre of land. As at now business is booming for me as I have extended my supplies to Olam Ghana and Kuapa Kokoo Ltd”. He urged all cocoa farmers to use the fertilizers.

Mr. William Hunt, Country Manager for Demeter Ghana, explained how excited the company is to bring Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) to cocoa farmers in Ghana. He mentioned Omya Calciprill was earlier introduced to tackle soil acidity issues faced by cocoa farmers located especially in the Western South. The company has now also introduced Polysulphate (Asaase Hene) fertilizer to help farmers become more productive and profitable whilst also paying attention to the environment.

About Demeter Ghana

Demeter Ghana is one of Ghana’s primary agricultural inputs and services providers. Founded in 2014, the company has been dedicated to the agricultural development of Ghana with the sole aim to combat the problems faced by Ghanaian farmers and to close the yield gap.