Fidelity Bank fuels industrialisation agenda with donation to 10 brilliant students at DTI

Fidelity Bank fuels industrialisation agenda with donation to 10 brilliant students at DTI

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In a significant step towards supporting Ghana’s industrialisation agenda while empowering young people, Fidelity Bank Ghana, the nation’s largest privately-owned bank, has generously donated GHS 110,920 to the Design & Technology Institute (DTI) in Accra. This contribution which was championed by the Bank’s Corporate and Institutional Banking department will support the education of 10 promising students, empowering them for success in the burgeoning field of technology and design.

DTI, a leading institution focused on vocational and technical training, plays a crucial role in equipping young Ghanaians with the skills needed to thrive in the modern workforce. However, many talented individuals face financial barriers to accessing this transformative education.

Acknowledging the financial challenges faced by students, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, DTI partnered with the Mastercard Foundation under the ‘Young Africa Works Initiative’ 2020–2023. Mastercard Foundation offers, on a tried basis, up to 90% of scholarships to brilliant but needy learners from deprived and vulnerable communities, especially females.

However, students are required to contribute a matching commitment fee of 10%, which poses a significant hurdle for some of the brightest candidates recruited from impoverished communities across Ghana, thus threatening their access to industry-relevant technical training.

Recognising the critical need for skilled professionals and the potential of DTI’s students, Fidelity Bank stepped in to bridge the gap. The donation covers the 10% matching commitment fee required for the Mastercard Foundation’s “Young Africa Works Initiative” scholarships, ensuring these students can fully access the program’s benefits.

Fidelity Bank’s donation has effectively removed this barrier for 10 deserving students, granting them the opportunity to develop their skills, gain valuable experience, and contribute meaningfully to Ghana’s development. This contribution aligns with Fidelity Bank’s unwavering dedication to equipping young people with the skills needed for industry success while contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

John-Paul Taabavi, Head, Local Corporates, led the entourage from Fidelity Bank in presenting the generous donation to Constance Elizabeth Swaniker, Founder and President of DTI, during a heartfelt ceremony held at the school on Thursday, February 8th, 2024.

Speaking during the presentation, John-Paul expressed the bank’s deep commitment to social responsibility and youth empowerment, stating, “Fidelity Bank is honoured to support the aspirations of these talented young Ghanaians. Our investment in their education reflects our belief in their potential to drive positive change and innovation in Ghana’s growing tech sector.”

Constance Elizabeth Swaniker, founder and President of DTI, conveyed her gratitude for Fidelity Bank’s generous support, emphasizing its transformative impact on the lives of the students. “We are immensely grateful to Fidelity Bank for their partnership and dedication to empowering our youth. With their support, these students can now pursue their dreams and contribute meaningfully to Ghana’s industrial development.”

The beneficiaries of Fidelity Bank’s donation expressed their heartfelt appreciation for the opportunity afforded to them. Francisca Mensah, certificate one student shared the emotional toll of worrying about school fees: “Paying the fees has been incredibly difficult,” she confessed. “Whenever the topic came up, I felt overwhelmed and even cried sometimes, especially with no clear solution. This burden significantly affected my focus and learning. However, thanks to Fidelity Bank, I now have a sound mind to finally concentrate on my studies without constant worry. I am sincerely grateful for their support.”

Abdul-Rahman Abdullah, another certificate one student, echoed the sentiment. “Seeing the fee collector used to fill me with dread,” he admitted, “especially when I knew I was behind. It made me question my place here and hindered my ability to focus. Now, with Fidelity Bank’s help, I feel a sense of belonging. I am truly thankful for their assistance.”

Empowered by this newfound security, Francisca and Abdul-Rahman along with their fellow students, look forward to acquiring valuable skills at DTI and making positive contributions to their communities.

Fidelity Bank remains committed to fostering innovation, nurturing talent, and catalysing sustainable development across Ghana. Through strategic partnerships and impactful initiatives with institutions like DTI, the bank continues to empower individuals and uplift communities, with an ultimate view towards creating a prosperous and innovative nation.