Fidelity Bank champions educational empowerment on the International Day of Education

Fidelity Bank champions educational empowerment on the International Day of Education

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As the world commemorates the sixth International Day of Education on January 24, 2024, Fidelity Bank Ghana, the largest privately-owned bank in the country, proudly takes a leading role in advocating for the theme “Learning for Lasting Peace,” designated by the United Nations. This significant day serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative impact education holds in fostering global peace and development.

Education: A Fundamental Right and Shared Responsibility

Education’s intrinsic value lies in its inclusivity. Aligned with this year’s theme, Fidelity Bank passionately emphasizes that education is not just a privilege or a public good; it is an inalienable right and a shared responsibility. Positioned as a key driver of economic growth, social development, and environmental sustainability, education empowers individuals and communities, enhances employability and productivity, and fosters innovation and creativity. Unfortunately, millions of children and adults globally are still denied this fundamental right, with UNESCO reporting 250 million children and youth out of school and 763 million adults remaining illiterate.

Navigating Challenges, Celebrating Triumphs in Ghana’s Educational Landscape

Within the Ghanaian context, Fidelity Bank recognizes both the challenges and triumphs in the education sector. While Ghana has achieved commendable milestones in increasing enrollment, achieving gender parity, and improving the curriculum, challenges persist. According to UNICEF data, approximately 283,000 primary school-age children and 135,000 lower secondary school-age children were reported to be out of school in 2020.

Fidelity’s Impactful Initiatives: Commitment Translated into Action

Fidelity Bank goes beyond being a mere bystander; it stands as a committed partner and stakeholder, actively contributing to the nation’s and the world’s pursuit of Sustainable Development Goal 4: Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all. This commitment is evident in various initiatives aimed at enhancing access, quality, and relevance of education, particularly for the underprivileged.

The flagship Orange Impact Initiative, marking the bank’s 15th anniversary, dedicates support to 15 underprivileged schools, ranging from constructing classroom blocks to distributing teaching materials. Schools like Duose D/A Primary, Mamprobi Ebenezer 4, and Okogyeasuo M/A Basic are already experiencing the transformative power of this initiative. In tandem with this commitment, the Eco-Schools Project, in partnership with the Center for Sustainable Transformation (CeST) Ghana, reflects the bank’s dedication to sustainability. Through employee training and volunteering, the project fosters sustainable practices and awareness in selected Orange Impact Schools, aiming to leave a positive impact on both the school and the local community.

Sponsorships and Donations: Illuminating Futures

Fidelity Bank transcends traditional boundaries, providing support through sponsorships and donations that positively impact various aspects of the community. Initiatives such as supplying refurbished computers to the ICT lab at the Andylynn School in Kumasi elevate the learning experience and digital skills of students. Additionally, Fidelity Bank contributes to the growth and development of children at the Fidelity House of the Herman SOS Village, sponsors empowering programs like the Empower Her Bootcamp and Creativity for a Change Project, and actively engages in community initiatives, with a particular focus on the education and development of young minds.

A prime example of this commitment is the “Making Learning Happen” project, where the bank ensures the provision of desks and chairs to underprivileged schools across all 16 regions in Ghana. This commitment is also reflected in the bank’s support to three Ghanaian students at C. K. Tedam University of Technology and Applied Sciences, representing the country in global competitions like ENACTUS and local initiatives such as the Ghana Science and Technology Explorer Challenge. These efforts underscore Fidelity Bank’s unwavering dedication to shaping a brighter future through education.

A Resolute Commitment to Transformative Education

These initiatives are not mere projects; they are stories of transformation, showcasing the power of education to rewrite destinies and build a brighter future. At Fidelity Bank Ghana, “Learning for Lasting Peace” is not just a theme but a call to action. It is a promise whispered in classrooms, echoed in playgrounds, and etched in the hearts of every child who dreams of a world where knowledge is their weapon and education their shield.

On this International Day of Education, Fidelity Bank exhorts all of us to join hands, break down barriers, and ensure that every child and every adult has the opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to a world where peace reigns supreme. Together, let us make learning happen for all and unlock the brighter future that lies within each and every one of us.