The UK – Ghana Chamber of Commerce (UKGCC) facilitates and promotes trade and commercial relations between the UK and Ghana.

The UKGCC’s key objective is to facilitate the entry of UK businesses into the Ghanaian trade industry. We are a powerhouse that bridges the gap between UK and Ghanaian businesses by highlighting available commerce and partnership opportunities. The benchmarks we operate on are excellence and efficiency.

Our members receive professional advice from an expert team of practitioners to firmly ground their businesses in Ghana. The brand also facilitates British companies in building efficient ties with Ghanaian firms through open forums and networking events aimed at solidifying relationships amongst existing and potential business partners.

Where we aim to be


To be the essential business-to-business platform facilitating the success of UK SMEs and corporates in accessing the Ghanaian market.

How we plan to get there


The Chamber works to achieve this vision through:

  • Engaging frequently with Chamber members
  • Bringing together key private and public sector actors
  • Providing a platform for members to market their businesses
  • Supporting members through lobbying and referrals
  • Liaising with Ghanaian policy-makers
  • Acting as a resource centre for UK businesses

What you can expect


The Chamber stands for doing business that is socially responsible and ethically sound. In helping businesses to access Ghana’s dynamic and buoyant opportunities, the UKGCC will conduct itself with professionalism, quality and respect, whilst also embracing the utmost in Ghanaian culture and hospitality.