The Future of Organic Farming

By August 14, 2020All News

Eco-Index Agro Solutions Limited, an affiliate company of Strategic Security Systems International, is changing the landscape of the agricultural industry in Ghana with the introduction of the liquid organic fertiliser, Begreen-F. Eco-Index offers Begreen-F, an organic liquid fertiliser that has been proven to increase yield. This product has been approved for use in Ghana by the Ministry of Agriculture through the Plants Protection Regulatory Services Department.

The potential and effectiveness of this product has been tested across the country in the various regions and zonal belts through the Planting for Food and Jobs initiated by the Government of Ghana. Eco-Index has supplied Begreen-F to the farmers under this program and these farmers have reported have exceptional yields all across the country and in various crops.

Eco-Index, in an effort to keep farmers across the country educated, held a training workshop in Kumasi, on the 29th of July, for the Regional Executives of the Ghana Chief Farmers Association. This 3-day workshop brought together all the Regional Executives and gave them an opportunity to interact with the management of Eco-Index, namely Dr. Francis Akuamoah-Boateng, Board Chairman and Dr. Moses, Managing Director, raise and address all concerns about the product.

The efforts of EcoIndex have been noticed awarded. At the just ended Ghana Agricultural and Agro Processing Awards 2020, Begreen-F was recognised the Outstanding Organic Fertiliser of the Year 2020. This is a significant milestone for EcoIndex as well as BeGreenF as an indication of the quality of the product.

BeGreen-F is a truly organic liquid fertiliser produced from organically grown plants. It provides nutrients for faster and healthy growth of plants, promotes flowering and fruiting and ensures good root development. BeGreen-F promotes drought tolerance in cultivated plants, promotes higher and quality yield and increases plant resistance against diseases and pests. BeGreen-F is rich in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium and Manganese in balanced quantities that are needed for plant growth and drop yield. Begreen-F can be used for all types of plants and crop yielding plants.