Launch of the DIT Africa Investment Dealroom

By February 26, 2020All News, UKGCC Blog

As part of the UK Government’s efforts to boost trade and investment between Africa and the UK and to be Africa’s foreign investment partner of choice, the UK Department for International Trade’s Africa Network has partnered with Asoko Insight, a specialist in African corporate data management and analytics, to launch the ‘DIT Africa Investment DealRoom’.

The DealRoom will bring together, through an online platform, bankable projects from African companies looking for investment and UK-based investors looking for opportunities to invest in Africa.

There is no shortage of investment funds in the world. But investors often find it hard to sift through the many potential opportunities to invest in Africa and to conduct the necessary due diligence to satisfy their investment criteria. Additionally, African companies can find it hard to bring their investment needs to the attention of international investors. The DealRoom aims to address this challenge and boost UK private sector investment into Africa.

Through targeted digital engagement campaigns; Asoko’s extensive database of over 100,000 African privately-held corporates; and DIT Africa’s network of business and government contacts across Africa, the DealRoom will encourage the uploading of investment opportunities from the African private sector onto the digital platform. Each proposal will be filtered and verified by Asoko against a range of criteria, to ensure that the projects are investment-ready. Once satisfied, Asoko will publish the investment opportunities on the digital platform and promote them to UK potential investors.

Once published in the DealRoom, UK investors will be able to engage directly with the proposer and/or request additional data-sets to support their due diligence requirements. At the request of both parties, direct interaction can be initiated by the DealRoom. Once both parties are in direct contact, the DealRoom withdraws from further involvement but continues to track the progress of the deal to its conclusion.

After three months we will review progress in this project with Asoko. We will look at the pipeline (we aim to have at least 25 active investment discussions in process) and consider the quality of data being generated. The platform will remain open beyond the contract period for existing deals to conclude.


Please promote this initiative through your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts and in meetings and interactions with relevant companies and organisations – including Investment Promotion Agencies. Please encourage African companies/organisations and UK investors to join the DealRoom; upload their investment opportunities if they are African companies/organisations; and explore the investment opportunities if they are UK-based investors.

Please direct appropriate traffic to the DealRoom platform: