Why join UKGCC

Over the past decade, emerging market operators have sought Ghana as a market of choice, given its proven political stability and economic prospects. The UKGCC, through the sharing of policy, business insights and expertise promote the interests of UK companies operating in Ghana and act as a platform for Ghanaian companies looking to explore opportunities for growth.

What makes us unique

The UKGCC provides businesses with immediate access to resources, experts and information that will facilitate business growth. It is affiliated to government backed entities and private institutions that boast of many benefits and services, that will be accessible to all UKGCC members.


Membership types

*terms and conditions apply

Platinum - £3,000*
Sterling – £1,500*
Bronze – £500*

Registration to join the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce is open to companies, organizations and individuals legally authorized to do business in Ghana. Our membership currently includes Ghanaian and multinational companies as well as U.K firms. Before applying for membership, please determine which type of membership category is most appropriate for you.

To apply to be a member of the chamber, click ‘Sign Up’ on any of the desired subscription plans above.

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